welcoming our sweet kitten beau

Two Ragdolls are better than one!

As you would probably know, yes we are cat people around here. During the school holidays, not long after Christmas we welcomed our sweet ragdoll Beau to the nest! Beau is a sweetheart, like an absolute darling little kitten. He is so playful, constantly purrs and follows me around the house all day. His colourings are just so pretty...for those in the know, he is a seal mitted ragdoll with the brightest blue eyes I've seen on a cat. Our other big ragdoll Louis is much softer in colour and is a lilac point (a very soft grey) and white. I took an opportunity to take some photos of dear Beau with my girls and photographer's dream - he loved the camera hahaha! Get used to it Beau. A big thanks to the lovely Jacqui from Gossamer Ragdolls for our sweet kitten.